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A High-Level ab Initio and Density Functional Investigation of Cyclopropenyl Anion and Its Mono-, Di-, and Trisubstituted Derivatives

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posted on 17.12.1997, 00:00 authored by Grant N. Merrill, Steven R. Kass
High-level ab initio and density functional theory calculations were carried out on cyclopropenyl anion (1) and related species. The parent c-C3H3- ion is predicted to be unstable with respect to electron loss whereas its cyano-substituted derivatives are attractive synthetic targets. MCSCF structures for singlet and triplet cyclopropenyl anion are reported and contrasted to the results obtained from more modest computations. Energetic quantities for 1 were computed including its proton affinity, destabilization energy, singlet−triplet gap, electron binding energy, and ring-opening isomerization energy. The allylic C−H bond strength for cyclopropene also is given. Mono-, di-, and tricyanocyclopropenyl anions were investigated too, and their conjugate acids have lower pKa's than cyclopropene by up to 70.4 kcal/mol or 52 pKa units.