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A Helical, Aromatic, Peptide Nanotube

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posted on 21.12.2006, 00:00 by Marco Crisma, Claudio Toniolo, Soledad Royo, Ana I. Jiménez, Carlos Cativiela
The self-assembly in the crystal state of the terminally protected, linear dipeptide Boc-(S,S)c3diPhe-(R,R)c3diPhe-NHiPr (1) through intermolecular hydrogen bonds leads to the formation of a supramolecular helix of large diameter (18 Å), internally decorated with phenyl rings. As a result, a hollow helical channel large enough to accommodate guest molecules is observed. This supramolecular structure differs from previous examples of peptide nanotubes. Compound 1 incorporates a highly restricted cyclopropane phenylalanine analogue (c3diPhe) with remarkable conformational properties.