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A General and Enantioselective Approach to Pentoses: A Rapid Synthesis of PSI-6130, the Nucleoside Core of Sofosbuvir

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posted on 17.12.2015, 01:50 by Manuel Peifer, Raphaëlle Berger, Valerie W. Shurtleff, Jay C. Conrad, David W. C. MacMillan
An efficient route towards biologically relevant pentose derivatives is described. The de novo synthetic strategy features an enantioselective α-oxidation reaction enabled by a chiral amine in conjunction with copper­(II) catalysis. A subsequent Mukaiyama aldol coupling allows for the incorporation of a wide array of modular two-carbon fragments. Lactone intermediates accessed via this route provide a useful platform for elaboration, as demonstrated by the preparation of a variety of C-nucleosides and fluorinated pentoses. Finally, this work has facilitated expedient syntheses of pharmaceutically active compounds currently in clinical use.