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A General Copper Catalyst for Photoredox Transformations of Organic Halides

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posted on 2017-06-09, 18:22 authored by Bastien Michelet, Christopher Deldaele, Sofia Kajouj, Cécile Moucheron, Gwilherm Evano
A broadly applicable copper catalyst for photoredox transformations of organic halides is reported. Upon visible light irradiation in the presence of catalytic amounts of [(DPEphos)­(bcp)­Cu]­PF6 and an amine, a range of unactivated aryl and alkyl halides were shown to be smoothly activated through a rare Cu­(I)/Cu­(I)*/Cu(0) catalytic cycle. This complex efficiently catalyzes a series of radical processes, including reductions, cyclizations, and direct arylation of arenes.