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A General Approach for Antibody Purification Utilizing [Protein A-Catechol:Fe3+] Macro-Complexes

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posted on 2006-03-15, 00:00 authored by Guy Patchornik, Amnon Albeck
A general platform for antibody purification utilizing free nonimmobilized Protein A modified with the strong metal chelator catechol (ProA-CAT) and Fe3+ ions is presented. The mechanism of purification requires formation and precipitation of macro-complexes composed of [ProA-CAT:IgG:Fe3+]. Target IgGs are eluted directly from the precipitates (i.e. pellets) at pH 3 in high yields (71−80%) and high purity (>95%), without dissociating the [ProA-CAT:Fe3+] insoluble macro-complex.