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A Fully Metaoptical Zoom Lens with a Wide Range

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posted on 2024-04-03, 13:33 authored by Jianchao Zhang, Qian Sun, Zhengyang Wang, Guangyong Zhang, Yikun Liu, Jin Liu, Emiliano R. Martins, Thomas F. Krauss, Haowen Liang, Juntao Li, Xue-Hua Wang
Metalenses are typically designed for a fixed focal length, restricting their functionality to static scenarios. Various methods have been introduced to achieve the zoom function in metalenses. These methods, however, have a very limited zoom range, or they require additional lenses to achieve direct imaging. Here, we demonstrate a zoom metalens based on axial movement that performs both the imaging and the zoom function. The key innovation is the use of a polynomial phase profile that mimics an aspheric lens, which allows an extended depth of focus, enabling a large zoom range. Experimental results show that this focal length variation, combined with the extended depth of focus, translates into an impressive zoom range of 11.9× while maintaining good imaging quality. We see applications for such a zoom metalens in surveillance cameras of drones or microrobots to reduce their weight and volume, thus enabling more flexible application scenarios.