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A Fluorescent Probe for Stimulated Emission Depletion Super-Resolution Imaging of Vicinal-Dithiol-Proteins on Mitochondrial Membrane

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posted on 23.03.2018, 00:00 by Zhigang Yang, Dong Hoon Kang, Hoyeon Lee, Jinwoo Shin, Wei Yan, Bhowmira Rathore, Hye-Ri Kim, Seo Jin Kim, Hardev Singh, Liwei Liu, Junle Qu, Chulhun Kang, Jong Seung Kim
Realizing the significant roles of vicinal-dithiol proteins (VDPs) in maintaining the cellular redox homeostasis and their implication in many diseases, we synthesized a smart arsenate based fluorescent probe 1 which can preferentially target the mitochondrial membrane-bound vicinal dithiol proteins (VDPs), especially voltage-dependent anion channel (VDAC2). The probe targetability was demonstrated by in vitro studies such as colocalization, stimulated emission depletion (STED) super-resolution imaging, proteomic MS/MS analysis, and Western blot analysis. The probe represents a rare example of fluorescence labeling of mitochondrial membrane-bound VDPs and can provide a new way to construct VDPs-specific fluorescent probes to gain deeper understanding of their roles in mitochondrial-related disorders.