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A Fluorescent Lectin Array Using Supramolecular Hydrogel for Simple Detection and Pattern Profiling for Various Glycoconjugates

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posted on 16.08.2006, 00:00 by Yoichiro Koshi, Eiji Nakata, Hiroki Yamane, Itaru Hamachi
Because sugar and its derivatives play important roles in various biological phenomena, the rapid and high-throughput analysis of various glycoconjugates is keenly desirable. We describe herein the construction of a novel fluorescent lectin array for saccharide detection using a supramolecular hydrogel matrix. In this array, the fluorescent lectins were noncovalently fixed under semi-wet conditions to suppress the protein denaturation. It is demonstrated by fluorescence titration and fluorescence lifetime experiments that the immobilized lectins act as a molecular recognition scaffold in the hydrogel matrix, similar to that in aqueous solution. That is, a bimolecular fluorescence quenching and recovery (BFQR) method can successfully operate under both conditions. This enables one to fluorescently read-out a series of saccharides on the basis of the recognition selectivity and affinity of the immobilized lectins without tedious washing processes and without labeling the target saccharides. Simple and high-throughput sensing and profiling were carried out using the present lectin array for diverse glycoconjugates, which not only included a simple glucose, but also oligosaccharides, and glycoproteins, and, furthermore, the pattern recognition and profiling of several types of cell lysates were also accomplished.