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A Dimethylgallium Boryl Complex and Its Methyllithium Addition Compound

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posted on 22.01.2014, 00:00 by Nicole Dettenrieder, Christoph Schädle, Cäcilia Maichle-Mössmer, Peter Sirsch, Reiner Anwander
The three-coordinate complex Me2Ga­[B­(NArCH)2] (Ar = C6H3iPr2-2,6) is accessible via a tandem Lewis acid–base metathesis protocol employing (THF)2Li­[B­(NArCH)2] and GaMe3. It features a very short Ga–B bond of 2.067(3) Å, which was further investigated by DFT calculations and the analysis of the electron density. Reaction of MeLi with Me2Ga­[B­(NArCH)2] forms tetrameric [LiMe3Ga­{B­(NArCH)2}]4 with a “nanowheel” structure.