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A Dense I1O3 Hybrid Superhydrophobic Network, Pb(H-BTMB), Exhibits Selectivity toward CO2 Gas Sorption

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posted on 28.08.2017, 13:48 by Koya Prabhakara Rao, Yerraguntla Katyayani Devi, Jettiboina Suryachandram, Rayavarapu Prasada Rao, J. N. Behera
We achieved a dense I1O3 hybrid superhydrophobic porous coordination polymer (PCP), [Pb­(H-BTMB)­(DMF)] (1), by solvothermal methods. The single-crystal XRD structure of 1 indicated that it has a three-dimensional M–L–M framework with one-dimensional M–O–M connectivity leading to an I1O3 network. The new PCP obtained exhibited open metal sites (OMSs) by losing a coordinated DMF molecule. The degassed phase displayed selective adsorption of CO2 gas over N2, C2H6, and C2H4 gases. Additionally, it has a superhydrophobic surface with a contact angle of 156.4° at room temperature and it is stable even at 90 °C, displaying a contact angle of 135.3°.