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A “Cyanine−Cyanine” Salt Exhibiting Photovoltaic Properties

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posted on 05.11.2009, 00:00 by Pierre-Antoine Bouit, Daniel Rauh, Stefan Neugebauer, Juan Luis Delgado, Emmanuel Di Piazza, Stéphane Rigaut, Olivier Maury, Chantal Andraud, Vladimir Dyakonov, Nazario Martin
Association between cationic and anionic heptamethine dyes led to the formation of a new organic salt (3) displaying exceptional light-harvesting properties in the NIR spectral range and having amphoteric redox character. Preliminary results of molecular bulk heterojunction solar cells based on the title compound 3 and [60]PCBM as the only active layer reveal this new dye as a promising light-harvesting material for photovoltaics.