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A Combinatorial Library of Unsaturated Lipidoids for Efficient Intracellular Gene Delivery

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posted on 2012-09-21, 00:00 authored by Ming Wang, Shuo Sun, Kyle A. Alberti, Qiaobing Xu
A combinatorial library of unsaturated lipidoids was synthesized through the Michael addition of amines to oleyl acrylamide. Their capability in facilitating in vitro gene delivery was evaluated by transfecting HeLa cells with EGFP-encoding plasmid DNA and mRNA. The preliminary screening results indicated that lipidoids with unsaturated oleyl tails are superior transfection agents compared to saturated lipidoids with n-octadecyl tails under the same conditions. The different transfection abilities of the unsaturated and saturated lipidioids were ascribed to the large, tightly packed lipoplexes of saturated lipidoids. The potential applications of the library of lipidoids were further expanded by looking at their ability to transfect fibroblasts as well as different cancerous cell lines.