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A Carbohydrate-Derived Splice Modulator

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posted on 2016-04-08, 20:04 authored by Sachin Dhar, James J. La Clair, Brian León, Justin C. Hammons, Zhe Yu, Manoj K. Kashyap, Januario E. Castro, Michael D. Burkart
Small-molecule splice modulators have recently been recognized for their clinical potential for diverse cancers. This, combined with their use as tools to study the importance of splice-regulated events and their association with disease, continues to fuel the discovery of new splice modulators. One of the key challenges found in the current class of materials arises from their instability, where rapid metabolic degradation can lead to off-target responses. We now describe the preparation of bench-stable splice modulators by adapting carbohydrate motifs as a central scaffold to provide rapid access to potent splice modulators.