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A Botryane Metabolite with a New Hexacyclic Skeleton from an Entomogenous Fungus Hypocrea sp.

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posted on 06.12.2013, 00:00 by Yafei Yuan, Yu Feng, Fengxia Ren, Shubin Niu, Xingzhong Liu, Yongsheng Che
Hypocrolide A (1), a botryane metabolite with a new hexacyclic skeleton, was isolated from cultures of the entomogenous fungus Hypocrea sp. The proposed structure was confirmed by X-ray crystallography using Cu Kα radiation. The mixed-biogenetic skeleton could be derived from the hypothetical precursors related to coumarin and dihydrobotrydiol, and the latter may be derived from the coisolated 10-oxodehydrodihydrobotrydial (2) or a similar analogue.