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A Bimetallic Bis-pentalene Sandwich Complex:  Synthesis and Structure of Mo2[C8H4(1,4-SiPri3)2]2

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posted on 21.04.1998, 00:00 by Matthew C. Kuchta, F. Geoffrey N. Cloke, Peter B. Hitchcock
The reaction between K2[C8H4(1,4-SiPri3)2] and Mo2(OAc)4 yields Mo2[C8H4(1,4-SiPri3)2]2, the first example of a bimetallic bis-pentalene sandwich complex to be structurally characterized by X-ray diffraction. Structural data show that the carbon frameworks of the two pentalene ligands are eclipsed and effectively planar with fold angles of ca. 2° and 3° while the SiPri3 groups are staggered; the Mo−Mo distance is 2.340(1) Å.