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A 3D Scalable Chamber-Array Chip for Digital LAMP

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posted on 2023-04-28, 15:36 authored by Nan Rong, Kaiyue Chen, Jiqi Shao, Qi Ouyang, Chunxiong Luo
As an absolute quantification method at the single-molecule level, digital PCR (dPCR) offers the highest accuracy. In this work, we developed a 3D scalable chamber-array chip that multiplied the number of partitions by stacking chamber-array layers and realized digital loop-mediated isothermal amplification to quantify DNA molecules. It greatly increases the number of partitions to improve the performance of dPCR without increasing the chip size, the operation workflow complicity, and operation time. For the three-chamber-array-layer chip which contains 200,000 reactors of a 0.125 nL volume, it has been proved that the reagent filling and partition were finished within 3 min, and the whole detection could be finished within 1 h. The method demonstrated that it could be scalable to a six-chamber-array layer, which contains 400,000 reactors without increasing the size of the chip and the complication of filling/partition workflow but only takes an additional hour for scanning. Due to its potential for high throughput, low cost, and simple operation, our device may significantly expand the clinical application range of dPCR.