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API Continuous Cooling and Antisolvent Crystallization for Kinetic Impurity Rejection in cGMP Manufacturing

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posted on 16.05.2021, 12:13 by Martin D. Johnson, Christopher L. Burcham, Scott A. May, Joel R. Calvin, Jennifer McClary Groh, Steven S. Myers, Luke P. Webster, Jeffrey C. Roberts, Venkata Ramana Reddy, Carla V. Luciani, Aoife P. Corrigan, Richard D. Spencer, Robert Moylan, Raymond Boyse, John D. Murphy, James R. Stout
Crystallization of 204 kg of final active pharmaceutical ingredient was accomplished continuously using a cascade of mixed suspension mixed product removal crystallizers in cGMP manufacturing. This article describes the journey taken to transform a set of technical to final batch crystallizations into a continuous, combined cooling and antisolvent crystallization using three stirred tank crystallizers in series. Conversion of the batch process to a continuous process was beneficial to kinetically purge a key impurity. The conversion also allowed for the direct integration of the crystallization process with upstream continuous chemistry sections. A robust control strategy was developed from early research scale all the way to cGMP manufacturing. The authors will share the tools, techniques, modeling, and equipment used and challenges overcome to ensure a safe and reliable manufacturing process. A new intermittent flow technique transferred hot solution from a continuous evaporator into the first crystallizer with no solids bearding at the end of the inlet tubing. The continuous distillation, crystallization, and slurry-off filters were a key part of a broader continuous process and new building that won an International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering 2019 Facility of the Year Award for Innovation.