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AHNAK C‑Terminal Peptide Membrane BindingInteractions between the Residues 5654–5673 of AHNAK and Phospholipid Monolayers and Bilayers

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posted on 30.12.2019, 05:29 by Xiaolin Yan, Francis Noël, Isabelle Marcotte, Christine E. DeWolf, Dror E. Warschawski, Elodie Boisselier
The dysferlin membrane repair complex contains a small complex, S100A10–annexin A2, which initiates membrane repair by recruiting the protein AHNAK to the membrane, where it interacts via binding sites in the C-terminal region. However, no molecular data are available for the membrane binding of the various proteins involved in this complex. Therefore, the present study investigated the membrane binding of AHNAK to elucidate its role in the cell membrane repair process. A chemically synthesized peptide (pAHNAK), comprising the 20 amino acids in the C-terminal domain of AHNAK, was applied to Langmuir monolayer models, and the binding parameters and insertion angles were measured with surface tensiometry and ellipsometry. The interaction of pAHNAK with lipid bilayers was studied using 31P solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance. pAHNAK preferentially and strongly interacted with phospholipids that comprised negatively charged polar head groups with unsaturated lipids. This finding provides a better understanding of AHNAK membrane behavior and the parameters that influence its function in membrane repair.