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4D Printing of Complex Structures with a Fast Response Time to Magnetic Stimulus

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posted on 01.10.2018, 00:00 by Pengfei Zhu, Weiyi Yang, Rong Wang, Shuang Gao, Bo Li, Qi Li
A poly­(dimethylsiloxane)/Fe (PDMS/Fe) composite ink was developed for reversible four-dimensional (4D) printing to create magnetically responsive three-dimensional (3D) structures with a fast response time for their structure evolvements under external magnetic field. These 3D structures could obtain or lose high magnetization immediately by the on or off of an external magnetic field due to the low magnetic coercive force and the high magnetic permittivity of soft magnetic Fe particles in this composite ink, whereas PDMS in this composite ink served as the flexible matrix component to ensure their shape recovery. As exampled by a 3D butterfly with the fast flapping of its wings under an external magnetic field, complex 3D structures created by 4D printing with this PDMS/Fe ink could have the reversible magnetically stimulated structure evolvement property and develop designed magnetically induced motions with a fast response time for various magnetomechanical applications. Furthermore, structure evolvements of these 3D structures could also induce structure-related property changes, as demonstrated by a 3D terahertz photonic crystal (3D-TPC) device with remotely tunable terahertz properties, which could create novel functionalities for various functional devices created by 4D printing from this kind of ink through external magnetic field stimulation.