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3‑D Human Renal Tubular Organoids Generated from Urine-Derived Stem Cells for Nephrotoxicity Screening

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posted on 13.11.2020, 13:04 by Haibin Guo, Nan Deng, Lei Dou, Huifen Ding, Tracy Criswell, Anthony Atala, Cristina M. Furdui, Yuanyuan Zhang
The development of human cell-based systems to replace the use of rodents or the two-dimensional culture of cells for studying nephrotoxicity is urgently needed. Human urine-derived stem cells were differentiated into renal tubular epithelial cells in three-dimensional (3-D) culture after being induced by a kidney extracellular matrix. Levels of CYP2E1 and KIM-1 in 3-D organoids were significantly increased in response to acetone and cisplatin. This 3-D culture system provides an alternative tool for nephrotoxicity screening and research.