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3,6-Dibromocarbazole Piperazine Derivatives of 2-Propanol as First Inhibitors of Cytochrome c Release via Bax Channel Modulation

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posted on 06.09.2003, 00:00 by Agnes Bombrun, Patrick Gerber, Giulio Casi, Olivier Terradillos, Bruno Antonsson, Serge Halazy
There is compelling evidence that Bax channel activity stimulates cytochrome c release leading ultimately to cell death, which is a key event in ischemic injuries and neurodegenerative diseases. Here 3,6-dibromocarbazole piperazine derivatives of 2-propanol are described as the first small and potent modulators of the cytochrome c release triggered by Bid-induced Bax activation in a mitochondrial assay. Furthermore, a mechanism of action is proposed, and fluorescent derivatives allowing the localization of such inhibitors are reported.