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3D Homometallic Carboxylate Ferrimagnet Constructed from a Manganese(II) Succinate Carboxylate Layer Motif Pillared by Isonicotinate Spacers

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posted on 03.09.2007, 00:00 authored by Ming-Hua Zeng, Mei-Chun Wu, Hong Liang, Yan-Ling Zhou, Xiao-Ming Chen, Seik-Weng Ng
A manganese succinate having a layer structure in which the layers are pillared by the isonicotinate spacers in a 3D architecture exhibits long-range ferrimagnetic order below 5.0 K, with the ferrimagnetism arising, for topological reasons, from the nature of the carboxylate binding modes. The compound is the first structurally authenticated example of a 3D ferrimagnet, featuring a homometallic topological ferrimagnetic sheet among metal carboxylates.