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360° Polarization Control of Terahertz Spintronic Emitters Using Uniaxial FeCo/TbCo2/FeCo Trilayers

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posted on 2022-03-31, 17:42 authored by Pierre Koleják, Geoffrey Lezier, Kamil Postava, Jean-François Lampin, Nicolas Tiercelin, Mathias Vanwolleghem
Polarization control of THz light is of paramount interest for the numerous applications offered in this frequency range. Recent developments in THz spintronic emitters allow for a very efficient broadband emission, and especially unique is their ability of THz polarization switching through magnetization control of the ferromagnetic layer. Here we present an improved scheme to achieve full 360° nearly coherent polarization rotation that does not require multipolar or rotating external magnetic bias nor complex cascaded emitters. By replacing the FM layer of the spintronic emitter with a carefully designed FeCo/TbCo2/FeCo anisotropic heterostructure, we experimentally demonstrate Stoner–Wohlfarth-like coherent rotation of the THz polarization over a full 2π azimuth only by a bipolar variation of the strength of the hard axis field, and with only a negligible decrease in the emission efficiency as compared to standard Pt/CoFeB/W inverse spin Hall emitters. THz measurements are in agreement with our model of the nonperfect Stoner–Wohlfarth behavior. These emitters are well adapted for the implementation of polarimetric characterization not requiring any mechanically rotating polarizing elements. An example is given with the characterization of the birefringence in a quartz plate.