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[Pd3Sn8Bi6]4–: A 14-Vertex Sn/Bi Cluster Embedding a Pd3 Triangle

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posted on 14.09.2011 by Felicitas Lips, Rodolphe Clérac, Stefanie Dehnen
The endohedral cluster anion [Pd3Sn8Bi6]4– crystallizes as its K([2.2.2]crypt)+ salt 1 upon reaction of [K([2.2.2]crypt)]2[Sn2Bi2en and Pd(dppe)2 in 1,2-diaminoethane (en)/toluene and incorporates a complete Pd3 triangular cluster within a medium-size 14-vertex cage of Sn and Bi atoms. 1 was characterized by a combination of single crystal diffraction, ESI mass spectrometry, elemental analysis, and magnetic measurements. According to quantum chemical investigations, the Pd3 triangle interacts only weakly with the Sn/Bi cluster shell despite the relatively small cavity inside the cage.