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[Ag2M(Te2O5)2]SO4 (M = CeIV or ThIV): A New Purely Inorganic d/f-Heterometallic Cationic Material

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journal contribution
posted on 16.04.2018 by Todd N. Poe, Frankie D. White, Vanessa Proust, Eric M. Villa, Matthew J. Polinski
Two new isotypic d/f-heterometallic purely inorganic cationic materials, [Ag2M­(Te2O5)2]­SO4 (M = CeIV or ThIV), were synthesized using the metal oxides (MO2 and TeO2), silver nitrate, and sulfuric acid under mild hydrothermal conditions. The prepared materials were characterized via single-crystal X-ray diffraction, which revealed that the materials possess a 3D framework of corner-sharing Te2O52– units. The tellurite framework creates four unique pores, three of which are occupied by the MIV and AgI metal centers. The tellurite network, metal coordination, and total charge yield a cationic framework, which is charge-balanced by electrostatically bound sulfate anions residing in the largest of the four framework pores. These materials also possess AgI in a ligand-imposed linear geometry.