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Zinc Chalcogenolate Complexes as Capping Agents in the Synthesis of Ternary II−II‘−VI Nanoclusters:  Structure and Photophysical Properties of [(N,N-tmeda)5Zn5Cd11Se13(SePh)6(thf)2]

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posted on 01.01.2003, 00:00 by Marty W. DeGroot, Nicholas J. Taylor, John F. Corrigan
We report the synthesis of the complex (N,N‘-tmeda)Zn(SeSiMe3)2 (1), whose pendant trimethylsilyl moieties result in a powerful reagent for the generation of ternary MME materials. Reaction of 1 with (PnPr3)2Cd(OAc)2 and PhSeSiMe3 has led to the formation of the ternary ZnCdSe nanocluster [(N,N-tmeda)5Zn5Cd11Se13(SePh)6(thf)2] (2). The cluster consists of a CdSe core capped by ZnSe2 units, and represents the first example of a structurally characterized II−II‘−VI nanocluster. Utilization of an analogous (trimethylsilyl)tellurolate precursor leads to the formation of [(N,N-tmeda)5Zn5Cd11Te13(TePh)6(thf)] (3). The absorption spectra of 2 and 3 exhibit bands that have been assigned to “excitonic” transitions. The clusters are also luminescent at room temperature, exhibiting “band-edge” luminescence both in solution and in the solid state.