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Wire, Mesh, and Fiber Electrodes for Paper-Based Electroanalytical Devices

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posted on 01.04.2014, 00:00 by Stephen E. Fosdick, Morgan J. Anderson, Christophe Renault, Paul R. DeGregory, James A. Loussaert, Richard M. Crooks
Here, we report the use of microwire and mesh working electrodes in paper analytical devices fabricated by origami paper folding (oPADs). The important new result is that Au wires and carbon fibers having diameters ranging from micrometers to tens of micrometers can be incorporated into oPADs and that their electrochemical characteristics are consistent with the results of finite element simulations. These electrodes are fully compatible with both hollow channels and paper channels filled with cellulose fibers, and they are easier to incorporate than typical screen-printed carbon electrodes. The results also demonstrate that the Au electrodes can be cleaned prior to device fabrication using aggressive treatments and that they can be easily surface modified using standard thiol-based chemistry.