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Why Does Enzyme Not Leach from Metal–Organic Frameworks (MOFs)? Unveiling the Interactions between an Enzyme Molecule and a MOF

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posted on 06.10.2014 by Yao Chen, Sungyub Han, Xiao Li, Zhenjie Zhang, Shengqian Ma
The strong interactions between microperoxidase (MP-11) and Tb-mesoMOF were identified via Raman spectroscopic studies, which revealed that MP-11 molecules interact with the framework of Tb-mesoMOF through π···π interactions between the heme of MP-11 and the conjugated triazine and benzene rings in the organic ligand of Tb-mesoMOF. The strong interactions facilitate the retention of MP-11 molecules within the metal–organic framework (MOF) pores, which is in striking contrast with the severe leaching of MP-11 from MCM-41 due to the lack of specific interactions between enzyme molecules and the mesoporous silica material.