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Wet Transfer of Inkjet Printed Graphene for Microsupercapacitors on Arbitrary Substrates

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journal contribution
posted on 18.12.2018 by Szymon Sollami Delekta, Mikael Östling, Jiantong Li
Significant research interest is being devoted to exploiting the properties of graphene but the difficult integration on various substrates limits its use. In this regard, we developed a transfer technique that allows the direct deposition of inkjet printed graphene devices on arbitrary substrates, even 3D objects and living plants. With this technique, we fabricated microsupercapacitors, which exhibited good adhesion on almost all substrates and no performance degradation induced by the process. Specifically, the microsupercapacitor on an orchid leaf showed an areal capacitance as high as 441 μF cm–2 and a volumetric capacitance of 1.16 F cm–3. This technique can boost the use of graphene in key technological applications, such as self-powered epidermal electronics and environmental monitoring systems.