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Using Coupling Motion of Connecting Ions in Designing Telechelic Ionomers

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posted on 09.06.2020 by Shuang Liu, Shilong Wu, Quan Chen
Conventional telechelic ionomers have one ion fixed at each end, enabling the chains to form a physical network. Here we report a type of telechelic ionomers with a distribution of the number of ions at the chain ends, which endows them with very rich rheological properties. We synthesized the ionomer samples via a two-step polymerization. Namely, we synthesized a precursor chain first and then polymerized a few ion-containing monomers at its two ends. An average number of ion-containing monomers per chain end, m, varies from 0 to 3.0. Linear viscoelasticity of these samples can be well explained through considering the Poisson distribution of m, and the hierarchical relaxation of the chains ends according to the number of connecting ions that exhibit the coupling motion.