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Triethylsilyl Perfluoro-Tetraphenylborate, [Et3Si+][F20-BPh4], a Widely Used Nonexistent Compound

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posted on 12.09.2011, 00:00 by Matthew Nava, Christopher A. Reed
The commonly used triethylsilyl perfluoro-tetraphenylborate salt, [Et3Si+][F20-BPh4], has been misidentified. As prepared, the cation is a hydride-bridged silane adduct [R3Si–H–SiR3+]. Under favorable circumstances it can be an effective source of the triethylsilylium ion Et3Si+, but in the absence of a stabilizing base the potent electrophilicity of Et3Si+ decomposes the “inert” F20-BPh4 counterion.