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Tricyclic Sesquiterpenes from Marine Origin

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journal contribution
posted on 05.04.2017 by Franck Le Bideau, Mohammad Kousara, Li Chen, Lai Wei, Françoise Dumas
The structure elucidation, biosynthesis, and biological activity of marine carbotricyclic sesquiterpene compounds are reviewed from the pioneering results to the end of 2015. Their total syntheses with a particular emphasis on the first syntheses, enantiomeric versions, and syntheses that led to the revision of structures or stereochemistries are summarized. Overall, 284 tricyclic compounds are classified into fused, bridged, and miscellaneous structures based on 54 different skeletal types. Tricyclic sesquiterpenes constitute an important group of natural products. Their structural diversity and biological activities have generated further interest in the field of drug discovery research, although the exact mechanisms of action of these species are not well known. Furthermore, these tricyclic structures, according to their chemical complexity, are a source of inspiration for chemists in the field of total synthesis for the development of innovative methodologies.