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The Unusual Stability of Homoleptic Di- and Tetravalent Chromium Alkyls

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posted on 03.08.2002 by Carola Schulzke, Dave Enright, Hiroyasu Sugiyama, Guy LeBlanc, Sandro Gambarotta, Glenn P. A. Yap, Laurence K. Thompson, David R. Wilson, Rob Duchateau
Reaction of CrCl3(THF)3 with 3 equiv of R−M [R = Me3CCH2 (a), Me3SiCH2 (b)] afforded either the previously reported tetravalent homoleptic R4Cr (1a, b) [M = MgCl] or the unprecedented divalent and tetranuclear homoleptic [R2Cr]4 (2b) [M = Li]. Both types of compounds display a remarkable chemical inertness toward proton transfer agents but readily react with ethylene.