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TBHP/NH4I‑Mediated Direct N–H Phosphorylation of Imines and Imidates

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posted on 25.10.2019 by Xiaofeng Wang, Yingcong Ou, Zhenbo Peng, Guodian Yu, Yuanting Huang, Xianwei Li, Yanping Huo, Qian Chen
A direct and practical metal-free N–H phosphorylation has been achieved via the TBHP/NH4I-mediated cross-dehydrogenative coupling (CDC) reactions between imines/imidates and P­(O)H compounds. This transformation provides an efficient synthetic route to the construction of P–N bonds with good functional group compatibility, leading to the formation of N-phosphoryl­imines and N-phosphoryl­imidates in up to 95% yield (33 examples) under mild conditions.