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Synthesis of Substituted [8]Cycloparaphenylenes by [2 + 2 + 2] Cycloaddition

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journal contribution
posted on 21.03.2014 by Anne-Florence Tran-Van, Elena Huxol, Jonathan M. Basler, Markus Neuburger, Jean-Joseph Adjizian, Chris P. Ewels, Hermann A. Wegner
A new modular approach to the smallest substituted cycloparaphenylenes (CPPs) is presented. This versatile method permits access to substituted CPPs, choosing the substituent at a late stage of the synthesis. Variously substituted [8]­CPPs have been synthesized, and their properties analyzed. The structural characteristics of substituted CPPs are close to those of unsubstituted CPPs. However, their optoelectronic behavior differs remarkably due to the larger torsion angle between the phenyl units.