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Synthesis of Sintering-Resistant Sorbents for CO2 Capture

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posted on 15.04.2010 by Wenqiang Liu, Bo Feng, Yueqin Wu, Guoxiong Wang, John Barry, João C. Diniz da Costa
Sorbents for high temperature CO2 capture are under intensive development owing to their potential applications in advanced zero emission power, sorption-enhanced steam methane reforming for hydrogen production and energy storage systems in chemical heat pumps. One of the challenges in the development is the prevention of sintering of the sorbent (normally a calcium oxide derivative) which causes the CO2 capture capacity of the material to deteriorate rapidly after a few cycles of utilization. Here we show that a simple wet mixing method can produce sintering-resistant sorbents from calcium and magnesium salts of d-gluconic acid. It was found that calcium oxide was well distributed in the sorbents with metal oxide nanoparticles on the surface acting as physical barriers, and the CO2 capture capacity of the sorbents was largely maintained over multiple cycles of utilization. This method was also applied to other organometallic salts of calcium and magnesium/aluminum and the produced sorbents showed similarly high reversibility.