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Synthesis of Fluorescent Ring-Fused 2‑Pyridone Peptidomimetics

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journal contribution
posted on 06.12.2013, 00:00 by K. Syam Krishnan, Christoffer Bengtsson, James A. D. Good, Shamil Mirkhanov, Erik Chorell, Lennart B.-Å. Johansson, Fredrik Almqvist
Thiazolino fused 2-pyridone peptidomimetics are of significant biological importance due to their ability to interfere with adhesive fiber formation in uropathogenic Escherichia coli and oligomerization of amyloid fibers. We have developed an efficient synthetic route to fluorescent BODIPY analogues, with structural diversification from a key intermediate enabling introduction of C-2 substituents and late incorporation of the BODIPY moiety. A mild lithium halide mediated hydrolysis enabled preparation of peptidomimetic fluorophores with useful photophysical properties for further chemical biology applications.