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Synthesis of Eight-Membered Ring Compounds Using Enyne Metathesis

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posted on 26.01.2000 by Miwako Mori, Tsuyoshi Kitamura, Norikazu Sakakibara, Yoshihiro Sato
A novel procedure for synthesizing eight-membered ring compounds was developed using ruthenium-catalyzed enyne metathesis. When a CH2Cl2 solution of enyne connected with catechol, o-amino phenol, or o-phenylenediamine was stirred in the presence of benzylidene ruthenium carbene complex (10 mol %) at room temperature overnight, an eight-membered ring compound was obtained in high yield. In a similar manner, monocyclic 1,4-diaza- or 1-oxa-4-azacyclooctene derivative was obtained in high yield.