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Synthesis and Structural Analysis of Self-Associating Amphiphilic Statistical Copolymers in Aqueous Media

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posted on 07.02.2006 by Akihito Hashidzume, Atsushi Kawaguchi, Akiyo Tagawa, Katsuhiro Hyoda, Takahiro Sato
Amphiphilic statistical copolymer samples of sodium 2-(acrylamido)-2-methylpropanesulfonate and n-hexyl methacrylate with different degrees of polymerization and compositions were prepared by reversible addition−fragmentation chain transfer copolymerization, and their self-aggregating structure in 0.1 M aqueous NaCl was studied by light scattering, fluorescence, viscometry, and size exclusion chromatography. Major components of the copolymer samples were aggregates consisting of 2−7 polymer chains and possessing 1−5 hydrophobic microdomains, depending on the degree of polymerization and composition.