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Synthesis and Reactivity of Fluorinated Triaryl Aluminum Complexes

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journal contribution
posted on 01.09.2020 by Darren M. C. Ould, Jamie L. Carden, Rowan Page, Rebecca L. Melen
The addition of the Grignard 3,4,5-ArFMgBr to aluminum­(III) chloride in ether generates the novel triarylalane Al­(3,4,5-ArF)3·OEt2. Attempts to synthesize this alane via transmetalation from the parent borane with trimethylaluminum gave a dimeric structure with bridging methyl groups, a product of partial transmetalation. On the other hand, the novel alane Al­(2,3,4-ArF)3 was synthesized from the parent borane and trimethylaluminum. Interestingly, the solid-state structure of Al­(2,3,4-ArF)3 shows an extended chain structure resulting from neighboring Al···F contacts. Al­(3,4,5-ArF)3·OEt2 was then found to be an effective catalyst for the hydroboration of carbonyls, imines, and alkynes with pinacolborane.