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Synthesis and Characterization of (MesGaO)9 (Mes = Me3C6H2) and Crystal Structure of the First Galloxane Comparable to Catalytically Active Aluminum Compounds

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posted on 24.06.1997 by Jens Storre, Andreas Klemp, Herbert W. Roesky, Roland Fleischer, Dietmar Stalke
The thermolysis of (Mes2GaOH)2·THF in toluene or 1,4-dioxane at 100 °C resulted in the formation of (MesGaO)9 (1). A byproduct of this reaction is Mes3Ga. Compound 1 was characterized by electron impact mass spectroscopy and single-crystal X-ray structural analysis. The structure consists of two six-membered (MesGaO)3 rings connected by three μ2-(MesGaO) units.