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Synthesis, Characterization, and Reactivity of New Platinum(II) Alkyl Alkene Complexes

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posted on 01.10.1996, 00:00 by Naomi Basickes, Alan C. Hutson, Ayusman Sen, Glen P. A. Yap, Arnold L. Rheingold
A new Pt(II) ethyl ethene complex, [Pt(μ-Cl)(CH2CH3)(C2H4)]2, (1), was isolated from the reaction of ethene with K2PtCl4 in water, and the structure was confirmed by X-ray crystallography. The results of oxidation experiments involving 1 indicate that PtII−C2H5 and PtII−(CH2CH2) species are viable intermediates in the conversion of ethane to ethanol and ethane-1,2-diol by the Shilov system.