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Synthesis, Characterization, Physical Properties, and OLED Application of Single BN-Fused Perylene Diimide

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posted on 02.01.2015, 00:00 by Gang Li, Yongbiao Zhao, Junbo Li, Jun Cao, Jia Zhu, Xiao Wei Sun, Qichun Zhang
It is very challenging to introduce azaborine into an electron-deficient arene system because of unfavorable intramolecular electrophilic borylation reaction. In this report, we adopted a straightforward methodology to construct a large BN-embedded π-system based on perylene diimide (PDI), which is the first BN-annulation example with highly electron-withdrawing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. The physical properties of the as-prepared N,N-dicyclohexyl-1-aza-12-bora-benzoperylene diimide (PDI-1BN) have been fully studied, and its sensing behavior to fluoride ion as well as its OLED performance was also investigated.