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Sulfur Vacancy-Rich O‑Doped 1T-MoS2 Nanosheets for Exceptional Photocatalytic Nitrogen Fixation over CdS

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posted on 28.01.2020 by Benteng Sun, Zhangqian Liang, Yeye Qian, Xuesong Xu, Ye Han, Jian Tian
Here, we reported that sulfur vacancy-rich O-doped 1T-MoS2 nanosheets (denoted as SV-1T-MoS2) can surpass the activity of Pt as cocatalysts to assist in the photocatalytic nitrogen fixation of CdS nanorods. SV-1T-MoS2 cocatalysts exhibit sulfur vacancies, O-doping, more metallic 1T phase, and high electronic conductivity, thus leading to the exposure of more active edge sites, high Brunauer–Emmett–Teller surface area, enhanced visible light absorption, and improved electron separation and transfer, which are beneficial for photocatalytic nitrogen fixation. Consequently, the optimized 30 wt % SV-1T-MoS2-/CdS composites exhibit an outstanding nitrogen fixation rate of 8220.83 μmol L–1 h–1 g–1 and long-term stability under simulated solar light irradiation, significantly higher than pure CdS nanorods, CdS–Pt (0.1 wt %), and 30 wt % 1T-MoS2/CdS composites. The catalytic mechanism of photocatalytic nitrogen fixation on SV-1T-MoS2 is discussed by density functional theory calculations.