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Structure-Based Kinetic Control in a Domino Process: A Powerful Tool Toward Molecular Diversity in Chromone Series

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journal contribution
posted on 20.10.2017, 00:00 by Thomas Lepitre, Clement Denhez, Jan Moncol, Mohamed Othman, Ata Martin Lawson, Adam Daïch
Two successive original routes leading to two novel families of polyheterocycles starting from the versatile chromone-based Michael acceptors platform are reported herein. The major aspect of this work is the selective access to these frameworks by changing the course of the domino process involved in their formation. First, enaminochromanones were selectively accessed under uncommon kinetic control. In this study, we showed that the tuning of the selectivity toward the kinetic product could be achieved by key structural modifications of the different reaction partners involved in the domino process. Once selectivity was efficiently controlled, enaminochromanones were ultimately transformed into a more complex family of polyheterocycles containing the pyrrolo-oxazinone framework. Here, the modulation of the domino sequence toward these particularly scarce structures was enabled by a pivotal switch in reactivity induced by aryl-λ3-iodanes.