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Structural Modification of Graphene Sheets to Create a Dense Network of Defect Sites

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posted on 16.12.2015 by Mei-xian Wang, Qi Liu, Zhe-Fei Li, Hong-fang Sun, Eric A. Stach, Jian Xie
Pt/graphene composites were synthesized by loading platinum nanoparticles onto graphene and etched at 1000 °C in a hydrogen atmosphere. This results in the formation of a dense array of nanostructured defect sites in the graphene, including trenches, nanoribbons, islands, and holes. These defect sites result in an increase in the number of unsaturated carbon atoms and, consequently, enhance the interaction of the CO2 molecules with the etched graphene. This leads to a high capacity for storing CO2; 1 g of the etched samples can store up to 76.3 cm3 of CO2 at 273 K under ambient pressure.