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Structural Correspondence of the Oriented Attachment Growth Mechanism of Crystals of the Pharmaceutical Dirithromycin

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posted on 29.12.2015, 00:00 by Zuozhong Liang, Yuan Wang, Wei Wang, Xianglong Han, Jian-Feng Chen, Chunyu Xue, Hong Zhao
The oriented attachment (OA) mechanism is promising for designing novel nanomaterials, yet an intensive understanding of the relationship between the crystal structure and attachment orientation is still lacking. In this work, we report layered hexagonal crystals of the pharmaceutical dirithromycin (DIR) containing multiple layers fabricated via a solvothermal method for a certain period of time at 40 °C. These elongated hexagonal crystals experience an OA that is preferentially on the face (001) of the initial crystals to assemble the final crystals into layered stacks. Through agreement with molecular modeling calculations, we predicted the final crystal growth morphology and confirmed the favored attachment surface based on the energy change ΔE following an OA event. These simulation results at the molecular level yielded good agreement with the crystal growth experiments. This study demonstrates the critical importance of combining experiments with a computational approach to understand the intrinsic molecular details of the OA growth mechanism of other compounds and to design nanomaterials with a desirable morphology and physical and chemical properties.