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String To Characterize the Field Synergy during CO2 Capture by CaCl2‑Supported MEA Adsorbent

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journal contribution
posted on 08.01.2015 by Xiao M. Wu, De L. Mu, Yun S. Yu, Zao X. Zhang
CO2 capture is quite effective for protecting the environment. A CaCl2-supported MEA adsorbent was identified as an efficient adsorbent. To design this adsorbent more efficiently from the field synergy, a string method model was developed to characterize field synergistic effects. Experiments were performed to validate the string used to integrate macro and micro mechanisms of reaction and diffusion. Synergistic effects reduced the string damping time by 26%. Mole ratios of MEA/CaCl2 influenced the damping time and string mass much more than the porosity and particle diameter. The free energy and NC reaction coordinate respectively decreased by 30% and 40% as MEA/CaCl2 mole ratios decreased from 3:1 to 1:1. The addition of CaCl2 produced a 22.7% string mass decrease, which reduced the energy consumption by 30% and improved capture capacity by 27%. The string to characterize the field synergy is developed as a useful method to improve the conventional adsorbent design.