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Shapeable Aerogels of Metal–Organic-Frameworks Supported by Aramid Nanofibrils for Efficient Adsorption and Interception

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journal contribution
posted on 28.01.2020 by Lu Zong, Yongqiang Yang, Hui Yang, Xiaochen Wu
The immobilization of the metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) on aerogels has risen to be a promising approach for the combination of advantages on both sides. Shapeable MOF hybrid aerogels were obtained by the growth of MOF crystals on aramid nanofibril (ANF) aerogels to retain high porosities, crystal structures, and original stabilities of individual MOFs and the mechanical robustness, flexibility, and low density of ANFs. The MOF hybrid aerogels exhibited superior adsorption performance for organic dyes (e.g., 113.8 mg/g for methyl violet and 107 mg/g of rhodamine B), offered a simple, efficient, and extensible platform for removing organic dyes from aqueous solution continuously, with high flux (620 L/(h·m2·bar) at a thickness of ∼0.87 mm) and excellent rejection (>98%). This work provided a practicable pathway to manage MOF crystals into a shapeable and recyclable form for extended applications in wide fields.