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Self-Powered Sensor for Quantifying Ocean Surface Water Waves Based on Triboelectric Nanogenerator

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posted on 09.06.2020, 11:37 by Chuguo Zhang, Lu Liu, Linglin Zhou, Xing Yin, Xuelian Wei, Yuexiao Hu, Yuebo Liu, Shengyang Chen, Jie Wang, Zhong Lin Wang
An ocean wave contains various marine information, but it is generally difficult to obtain the high-precision quantification to meet the needs of ocean development and utilization. Here, we report a self-powered and high-performance triboelectric ocean-wave spectrum sensor (TOSS) fabricated using a tubular triboelectric nanogenerator (TENG) and hollow ball buoy, which not only can adapt to the measurement of ocean surface water waves in any direction but also can eliminate the influence of seawater on the performance of the sensor. Based on the high-sensitivity advantage of TENG, an ultrahigh sensitivity of 2530 mV mm–1 (which is 100 times higher than that of previous work) and a minimal monitoring error of 0.1% are achieved in monitoring wave height and wave period, respectively. Importantly, six basic ocean-wave parameters (wave height, wave period, wave frequency, wave velocity, wavelength, and wave steepness), wave velocity spectrum, and mechanical energy spectrum have been derived by the electrical signals of TOSS. Our finding not only can provide ocean-wave parameters but also can offer significant and accurate data support for cloud computing of ocean big data.